Benefits of Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Social media marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy as a small business. You get to engage customers in real-time conversations, project a personality for your brand and address viral customer concerns. As with other social media tools, Twitter has several core marketing advantages.

Interactive Conversations and Discussions

Twitter is the best social media tool to quickly and directly engage one or more users. If you see a positive Tweet about your brand, reply with an encouraging comment. As people that follow you and the recipient catch the conversation, they may engage as well.

Twitter discussions create exposure for your brand, allowing you to show a human quality to potential customers and drive more traffic to your website.

Customer Service Problem-Resolution

A major advantage of Twitter over other social platforms is in the area of customer service. By monitoring Tweets that mention your company or product name, you have the chance to step into the conversation.

Do not fear negative sentiment. Instead, view it as a chance to provide a moment of magic for a customer who would otherwise remain upset. Invite the user offline and resolve the issue to his satisfaction. Reaching out to a customer personally in a time of upset will not only help dispel all negative sentiments that customer may even promote your exceptional service on social media.

Efficient News Distribution

Small businesses often distribute press releases to share important company or product news. Online companies distribute your news to media outlets for a price. These media outlets all have Twitter accounts, though, and they are hungry for compelling news.

If you offer a compelling call to action in your Tweet and speak directly to the media crowd, you may get clicks to your news, free coverage and shares.

Effective Sales Promotion Traffic

Twitter and mobile devices have become primary tools for fast and effective sales promotions. An online business is able to set up a limited time promotional discount on its website and Tweet followers with the special offer.

If you have a large following, you will see an immediate traffic spike from bargain-hungry customers. Use hash tags and appeal to people searching for #deals, #discounts and #sales as well.

A Large Female Audience

As of 2012, 62 percent of Twitter users were women. In contrast, women made up 58 percent of Facebook users and less than half of the Google Plus community. Therefore, your Twitter marketing advantages escalate when you sell products and services that women crave.


Each company needs to outline a social media marketing plan that focuses on their top two or three social media channels. Twitter is a viable option for many companies, especially those that target a female marketplace.

Twitter allows you to interact with users in real-time, address customer service problems as they arise, distribute news efficiently and promote sales. For small-business owners bogged down with running a business, contact a marketing agency or social media firm to help you achieve these benefits.

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