Horton Group, a full-service digital marketing agency in Nashville, TN is pleased to announce the launch of a variety of custom development resources.

There’s a difference between a website and a web application, just like there’s a difference between a web page displayed on Safari on your mobile device and a mobile application. Using a cookie cutter approach to website development is not always a bad approach. Content Management Systems like Squarespace and WordPress are great tools for a lot of businesses. However, there are certain qualifying factors that point to the need for custom application development. That’s what we’re here to talk about today.


Do you need a web application or a mobile application? This question can be of importance to a lot of people: entrepeneurs looking to validate an idea, executives trying to explore new opportunities for an established business, or business managers modeling out converting non-application processes to software solutions. Horton Group’s latest Web App vs. Mobile App Flow Chart might provide some answers for which direction to go.

Once you’ve determined whether you need a web application or a mobile application, feel free to reference Horton Group’s Custom Development Worksheet to plan your application from start to finish. Here you’ll be asked things like “What problem will your custom development project solve?”, and “What promotion strategies will you use to reach your target market?”.


If you’d like more information about the tools that dominate custom application development today, feel free to download our Full Stack Tools Slideshare.