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Youve felt it before, havent you?

That awful feeling when you’re at a party by yourself in the corner. That moment when you feel like you’re on the outside of a social circle looking in.

Though its human nature to segment into social groups, no one enjoys feeling alienated.

Still, we leave others out all the time. Even in brand advertising where companies attempt appealing to the broadest audience possible, campaign messaging can accidentally alienate would-be clients.

Consider the latest research from JWT London, which reveals that 70 percent of women feel left out by advertising and marketing campaigns. Does this figure impact business negatively? Of course! Women determine the majority of household spending decisions, according to numerous studies by Nielsen and the WSJ.

The reality is that brands can’t afford to alienate potential clients. Sure, its impossible to please everyone, but its critical to ensure that brand messaging is as inclusive as it is promotional. Leaving people out leaves their business out of yours.

Are You Limiting Your Audience?

No one intentionally alienates their audience, so its important to understand what could potentially turn away a paying client. To avoid alienating your audience, be sure to:

  1. Pay attention to your demographics. Whether its age, sex, or ethnicity, its critical to understand everything you can about your target audience. However, simply understanding your audience isn’t enough its important to include them in every component of your brand.

    Apple is a prime example of a brand that unintentionally angered users around the globe. Though the iPhone is used in virtually every country by every age, sex, and ethnicity, of nearly a thousand Emojis (including the moon, poop, and camels), less than five represent people of color.

    The lack of minorities in Emojis sparked online petitions and criticism from major online journals such as Vice. The outcry grew so loud that Apple pledged to create more racially diverse Emojis.

    Its critical for brands to stay atop changing consumer demographics. Hispanics in the United States, for instance, are the fastest growing portion of the population, accounting for $1.5 trillion in buying power. African Americans are poised to hit $1.1 trillion as Asian Americans outspend the average US household by 19 percent.

    As you market and develop your brands voice, its more important than ever to tap into potential markets and avoid accidentally alienating a segment of your audience.

  2. Invest in a new website or mobile app. Got a second? Not really 40 percent of web users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even more will leave your website if it isn’t mobile responsive. Failing to invest in a quick, responsive, and user-friendly site is a surefire way to alienate consumers in todays digital age.

    Every 30 seconds, $1,201,173 is spent online on both desktop and mobile devices. If your site and mobile app are outdated, then you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to reach new consumers.

    Building a digital presence that attracts potential consumers takes time, strategic planning, and creative implementation. As more and more businesses go online, your average run-of-the-mill site wont cut it anymore. Its time for a professional web presence that attracts your ideal customer.

  3. Focus on the customer. You know those friends you avoid because they talk about themselves too much? Well, businesses can be like them, too. Think about it: no one likes flashy advertising no one likes a business that only talks about itself no wonder 46 percent of consumers attest to ignoring ads.

    Blatantly self-promotional content is the quickest way to turn-off and alienate a consumer. Instead, its critical to invest in professional copywriting services to create a powerful online voice for your brand. Content marketing is about publishing relevant, valuable information for your target audience, earning their trust and loyalty to your brand.

At Horton Group, we understand the importance of attracting the largest audience possible to grow your business. Our in-house development, content, and PR teams work closely with each client to create an image and brand that attracts the widest audience possible.