Now that the tax wars are safely behind us, Americans can look forward to a growing economy in 2011. Small business in particular has great opportunities to expand its existing customer base as older, more established companies ramp up their spending even as new competitors emerge from the incubators.

New Year’s Resolution—Make More Money

Many of these start-up companies are looking for web-based partners. Given that they are new, the web designers have built current state-of-the-art platforms for them to launch from. Firms that update their content management system and web design stand a superior chance of getting their foot inside these new virtual doors.

Think about it. None of your existing customers will leave just because you deploy a new, more functional, and eye-catching website. But an amazing new one can make even a small business look like a world beater that new customers want to associate with. The old saying is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Today’s entrepreneurs want to do business with people who are just like them—on the edge and moving forward. A five-year-old website is a horse and buggy lifetime behind these people.

It may well be that your old website is even costing you money you could otherwise pick up for free. Advertising partners can provide you with a steady monthly income even if nobody ever buys anything from your website. All you need to do is get people to visit. Wouldn’t that be a nice extra bonus? Turn your site from a continuing but necessary drain on your resources into a cash cow in its own right—as well as a renewed generator of income for your primary business.

So make it your New Year’s Resolution to upgrade to a new, friendlier content management system. Redesign your website to not just meet but exceed the standards that other designers are offering. Make that stylish new web design an attractive investment into growing your own business.

It’s simple, really. Attractiveness is a concept that means exactly what it says—it attracts people to look at who you are and what you have to offer. Give yourself a better shot at making them look and linger. Don’t get written off as some grubby old dinosaur to laugh at while they continue their search for people with new ideas.

A new website, the perfect way to kick off the New Year. Call Horton Group about your web design and web development needs: 615-292-8642.