Craft Joins as Web Development Project Manager

Project Manager, Meredith Craft plays an integral role in the relationship between clients and the web development masterminds at Horton Group. Crafts job is not for the faint at heart, but for the fierce and fearless. Craft manages project upon project with a sense of ease, but don’t be fooled, her project management prowess is matched by her kindness and professionalism.

Craft will manage a wide range of website design projects for Hortons web development department. 

Having a superior website is important for any company, said Craft. People do judge a book by its cover. If a website is out of date, people are not going to think as highly about your company, even if you are the best in town.

Meredith has a work ethic and an attitude that will make her a successful project manager, said Corey Lamp, graphic designer at Horton Group. Shes proactive, organized and ambitious. Being able to work well both with her web development team as well as with her clients is a strength she constantly exhibits.

Craft joins Horton Group from Shreveport, LA. She earned a communications advertising degree with a minor in American Studies from the University of Alabama.