When designing a website for your dental practice, there are four main concepts to focus on in order to effectively convey your message and ensure that users will understand your business from the first glance.

In a Down Economy
When times are tough it is common knowledge that unnecessary luxuries are the first to go. Many people might assume that your annual or semi-annual dentist visits might be one of those luxuries that can be put on hold which means trouble for your bottom line. Make a strong argument for the importance of continuous, regular dentist check-ups backed by facts describing the long-term monetary benefit. Make sure your viewers understand that by putting off their visits they may be saving some money today, but they will end up spending much more in the long run. Also, try commiserating with your patients by offering packaged deals or free visits – they will appreciate your generosity.

Sense of Calm
It is amazing how many people feel such strong anxiety when it comes to visiting dentist offices. Quell their fears by presenting a unified sense of calm when they visit your site. Warm colors and fluid content will set the tone for their visit to your dental practice and might persuade them into understanding that your dentist office isn’t cold and hospital-starched but instead a nice quiet place to get your teeth checked. Also, providing hassle-free online scheduling for patients can help reduce the stress of getting ready for a dentist appointment.

Exude Expertise
Provide ample information for current or potential customers to use as a resource when they have questions. Having an FAQ section would be helpful, but having a part of your website dedicated to varying kinds of diseases, common problems, and explanations of terminology would be most effective. Exhibiting expert opinions or current debates in the dentistry world in a blog is another way to show your customers that you are active and involved in your industry. Maintaining this blog will also help your SEO efforts and help get you noticed.

Highlight How Your Dental Practice is Different
It’s important to delve into the core of your practice and ask what makes this business different or better than other practices. Be sure to highlight this difference in every page and give examples of your unique practice. If your practice is especially kid-friendly, make sure that your website is child friendly in design, but also offer games or exercises for kids to teach them more about their teeth. If your practice focuses on luxury and five-star service then be sure to show pictures and offer content about how your services are more luxurious.

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