When people think of McDonalds they picture those venerable golden arches, not hamburgers and shakes. And when they think about their dream car they may picture the famous Mercedes logo, or the Rolls Royce emblem. These logos are the very embodiment of the companies they represent, and their importance in the world of marketing would be hard to overstate.

It is not just large multinational companies that need winning logos. No matter what your company does or what niche it serves, it is important to have an eye catching logo in place. There are a number of factors to consider – and a number of pitfalls to avoid – when designing your company logo, so it is important to proceed with caution.

Keep it Simple
Many firms make the mistake of overcomplicating their logos, but in fact the logo should be simple and eye catching. Some of the most successful logos in the business world are also the most simple.

Use Bold Primary Colors
The goal of the company logo is to get the attention of would be customers, and one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is with bold primary colors. Using vibrant colors like green, red and yellow can make your logo stand out in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace.

Incorporate Your Logo Design into Your Overall Marketing Strategy
Your company logo should appear on every piece of marketing material you produce, from direct mail campaigns to Internet banner ad purchases. In order to be effective your logo needs to get in front of your target audience, so make sure your company logo is a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Get the Help You Need
You do not need to create your company logo on your own. There are design firms who specialize in creating a fresh new look for companies, including a redesigned logo that will get the attention of customers. If your firm needs a new logo to reflect what the business is all about you may want to turn to a small boutique design firm. A smaller firm will be able to give your company the personalized attention it deserves, helping you to project a winning image for your business.