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The main goal of inbound marketing is to convert leads into loyal customers. And one of the best ways to do that is through cookie content.

By utilizes the psychological theory of operant conditioning (a school of thought that teaches that through positive reinforcement a person can increase the likelihood of a behavior happening in the future.), cookie content enables you to pull leads further and further down the sales funnel until they become delighted advocates of your brand.

What is Compelling Content?

Just to illustrate – lets say, for instance, you sell delicious pastries. You may decide to write a  blog post explaining how to choose the best dessert for a particular occasion. Then in another post, you may offer a coupon for a free sample of your confections.

As you continue to give your website visitors more and more of these little treats, they will begin to trust you and see you a reliable business to buy from. When the time comes for them to buy a pastry, they will go directly to your brand because you have established a relationship with the person, who now perceives you as the go to source for delectable sweets.

So now you know what cookie content is, but you’re probably wondering:

How can I create this type of content?

How to Create Great Web Content

In order to lead visitors down the sales funnel, your content must:

  • Make life better – The content you create should speak to your customers pain points. Figure out what keeps them up at night and offer them a viable solution.

  • Deliver Immediate Results – Whatever you develop has to instantly help or entertain website visitors. We live in a fast-paced world with several options to choose from. If people can’t instantly benefit from what you are offering, they will walk away.

  • Provide Entertainment – Your websites content must be fun to read and provide pleasure to your audience. People don’t want bland. They want exciting, attractive content that will leave them feeling good inside.

For more tips on how to optimize your content for conversion, check out this article on writing irresistible headlines.

Start Attracting Customers Through Inbound Marketing!

By putting together helpful and enjoyable content that people can benefit from right away, you create a trail of cookie crumbs that will lead them to your product or service. And once they get there, they will want nothing more than to buy what you are selling.

Most companies don’t have the time or resources to develop a robust content marketing strategy. Thats why its best to hire an experienced web marketing agency who knows how to achieve results.

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