A logo is a symbol or trademark which is designed to be instantly recognized by both customers and potential customers. A well designed logo can make or break a company, for its success depends on it being liked and accepted by the public at large. The most important aspect of a logo is clarity, and a connection to the business it represents. If it contains letters, they should be easily read.

For example, everyone is familiar with the Golden Arches of the McDonalds restaurant chain. This simple golden ‘M’ represents everything the company offers, conjuring an image which embraces the image the company wants to convey.

The simpler the logo, the more effective it is. One or two colors, and an easily identifiable shape easy to associate with its company, is the key to success. For a top brand, designers will go for a logo which is unlike the logos of any of its competitors. Lesser companies, eager to jump on the bandwagon, may choose a logo which is similar to bigger brands in the hope of attracting some of their customers.

Logo design is important for big national companies. The rebranding of a company costs millions and can be a huge gamble, especially for multinational companies.

This is where employing a smaller logo design company can come into its own. You are not going to be subjected to the ‘hard sell’ presentation style of the big admen, and will enjoy a more personal relationship with your logo designer, involving one-to-one discussion on the singular needs of your company. It will, of course, also cost a lot less. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is not always true. There are some very talented logo designers working at the boutique design firms like Horton Group.

You need someone who understands your requirements. Someone who listens to you, understands not just the use of color, shape and design, but your market, your customer, and your type of business.

Find that design company, and you could be onto a winner.