When web surfers visit your website for the first time, the friendly face of an elephant mascot may be just what they need to guide them around the website and cut through the information overload. Mascots are a great way of connecting with people on an emotional level, as well as helping to ensure that visitors to your website return again and again. You could also try adding a logo to your mascot, as this will help to further promote your website. 

Before designing any mascot or logo design with your web design, however, you need to think carefully about the following points:

  1. Size – it is very important to consider the size of your elephant mascot. If your elephant is too large, for example, it may be too overpowering and could dominate your website. A very small elephant, on the other hand, may be too insignificant and could fail to leave a lasting impression.
  2. Appeal – your elephant will need to be friendly, positive, and appeal to the right age group. Remember to pick out some of the elephants qualities and match them to your own work ethics. You could concentrate on the ears, for example, and point out that your company will always listen to the customer.
  3. Color – the color of your elephant is very important, as it needs to fit in well with the site’s color scheme. If the color is too insipid or clashes with other colors on the site, it will lose appeal and your efforts to produce a memorable mascot will have been wasted.
  4. Name – it may be a good idea to give your elephant a name, and this should be short and easy to remember. You could choose a name like Nile, for example, which could stand for something like: Neat Intelligent Listening Elephant.
  5. Image cropping – you could try cropping your elephant and concentrating on certain features to increase the impact it has on your website’s viewers.         
  6. Eyes – it is important to make sure that your elephant’s eyes connect with the viewers and hold their attention. If your elephant’s eyes stand out, they will help to communicate emotions and bring the character to life.
  7. Voice – your elephant will have a better personality if it speaks. When your elephant speaks to people, it should instantly grab their attention and leave a lasting impression.
  8. Humor – a little humor goes a long way, and this can help to add more depth to your elephant mascot.  Whenever your elephant interacts with the viewers, it will help to transport feelings of joy and happiness.     
  9. Dressing up – for maximum impact, you could even dress your elephant up a little. Your mascot could wear casual clothing, a hat, or even a smart suit, depending on the image you want to portray.
  10. Bold outline – giving your elephant a bold outline can help to give it more definition and prevent it from getting lost in the background. 

Once you are happy with your elephant, it is time to put it to the test and see how people react to it. You could even ask your site visitors for feedback on your mascot, as this will enable you to make any changes that could help to improve it. 

– Jane Grimshaw