Murfreesboro is unique. That’s why it’s grown so much over the last decade. And with this upward trend of popularity comes an increasingly competitive economic market.

This means you need to make use of every opportunity to set yourself apart. And there’s no bigger tool to bring attention to your business than your website. This is your online headquarters. It is how many potential customers will first learn about your goods and services.

So how do you tailor your web design to Murfreesboro, TN? What systems can you put in place to bring attention to your website. And what can be done to make the most out of these visits once they occur?

Here’s what you need to know about Murfreesboro web design:

  1. Learn From Your Competitors
  2. Reference Local Stories
  3. Stay On Top of Trends
  4. Include Location Pages
  5. Accurate Contact Information
  6. Link Social Media Accounts
  7. Use Internet Marketing

Learn From Your Competitors

There’s a good chance you have others in your industry in the Murfreesboro area. Do some market research by visiting their websites.

Look for similarities and differences between them. Make note of what held your attention, what you found confusing, and what you would have liked to see if you were a potential customer.

Use this information to put together a list of wants and needs from your web design. The goal is to view your website from the point of view of someone learning about your company.

What tools would you like to have at your disposal? What information would you like to have up front?

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Reference Local Stories

Keep in touch with local events and reference them on your website when possible. This could be done either through a blog/news section, or banners that can be updated on top of your homepage.

For instance, many websites currently have a COVID-19 banner letting their visitors know how they are addressing the pandemic.

Another example could be a roofing company alerting people to new specials after a hail storm — or a trucking company addressing shortages in local supplies.

Inserting yourself into local stories increases your ties to the area.

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Stay On Top of Trends

There are always going to be trends in music, books, movies, and television. There will also be trends when it comes to web design. It’s very easy to spot a website that was built ten years ago.

Websites that look out of date will tell your visitor that you aren’t on top of changes within the industry.

A fresh-looking and current website invites the visitor to dig deeper into your content. It intrigues them because it’s more interesting and more attractive.

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Include Location Pages

Location pages help directly address your community. And if you have multiple locations, this helps call out that fact.

Addressing each location individually — even if there’s only one — will provide SEO benefits as well as improve the experience of your local visitors.

This is your chance to directly address the community.

It’s also a chance to include relevant keywords and headers to better help search engines find your page when someone makes a relevant search query.

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Accurate Contact Information

Including accurate contact information is essential to effective Murfreesboro web design. This includes your email address, physical address, and telephone number.

These need to be included not only on a dedicated contact page, but also on the footer of each webpage.

Updated and consistent contact information is essential to help search engines find your website, and customers find your business.

You still need to include this information even if you don’t have a physical location.

It grounds you in Murfreesboro and shows your visitors that you are local.

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Link Social Media Accounts

Your business should have a presence on social media.

This is where a large portion of people in Murfreesboro find their information.

You’re missing out if you’re not participating in this free avenue to connect with potential customers.

You can link these accounts to your website in two directions. For instance, your Twitter feed can automatically update a sidebar in your website.

Your website can also have links directly to your social media accounts. User engagement can be hugely beneficial and this is a great way to facilitate that.

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Use Internet Marketing

Integrating the various forms of internet marketing into your Murfreesboro web design gives you the best chance of connecting with your audience.

Content creation, PPC advertising, social media advertising, and SEO target the people that are more likely to be interested in your product or service.

Murfreesboro web design can be set up to better support these tactics.

Strategic content placement, inclusion of a blog section, and optimized images can assist your website in finding your customers. It also helps assist your customers to find you.

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