When starting a new web design project, it’s crucial to plan carefully so you can stay within your budget as well as remain focused on your web development goals. Web design planning sounds easy, but you’ll soon realize that a website can get out of hand in a hurry! Here are three tips to help you stay on target with your new web design project.

1. Carefully Select a Web Designer

Become familiar with several web designers and their work. View their web design portfolios to make sure each web design company focuses on professionalism. View completed websites that they have designed for past clients and notice if the websites have errors, broken links, missing images, etc. You’ll want to make sure all the web pages flow with easy navigation and quick loading times.

Once you’ve found a few potential web designers for your website, interview with them over the phone or by e-mail. Ask about fees, ongoing update costs for future site changes, which programming language will be used to create your website, and an estimated time of completion. Ask for references so you can confirm the web design company’s claims.

2. What about Business Consultancy?

Ask if the web designer also offers business consultancy as part of his services. Will the web designer help you with website layout to ensure the easiest ordering experience for your customers? Does the web designer offer SEO content writing or have a reliable writer to maximize your website’s marketing potential? What about search engine submission, link building and other promotional avenues? Many web designers do not offer these services; others may simply refer you to a dependable marketing firm.

3. Staying within Budget

Web design fees can pile on in a hurry if you’re not careful. Find out what your investment will be for the entire project, and then discuss a plan for ongoing updates (such as possible monthly fees). You’ll find that web design fees can range from $50 per hour to $200 per hour…that’s a broad range! The key is to find a web designer that can help you reach your goals while staying within budget.

Paying too little for a web designer might result in poor web design quality, so be careful. This happens frequently with freelance bidding websites, where many beginning web designers post their services for next to nothing. You’ll end up spending even more if you have to start all over with a new web designer mid-project. Look for an established web design firm that has a strong website itself, a web design portfolio, web design references, etc.

Keep in mind that your website will actually be a Web business. A web design firm that can help you create both will surely be a jewel throughout the web design process! For Nashville web design services, call our Nashville offices: 615-292-8642.