Web Design & SEO for Dance Companies

The Importance of Digital Marketing for Dance Organizations

If you run a dance studio, school, or organization, then you probably already know how critical it is that you optimize your online presence. If you don’t, we’ll catch you up. It’s important that you foster a sense of community within your organization and make key resources easily accessible to all of your members, current and prospective, as well as their families. Outside of classes, rehearsals and events, the most efficient way that you can do this by crafting a strong website. That’s where we come in.

Whether you need to build a new site from scratch, or simply give your current web presence a tune-up, Horton Group is here to help! In our work with you, preserving the integrity of your art form is our highest priority. We can offer a wide array of services, from designing, implementing and managing campaigns promoting events, to comprehensive SEO work to boost your search rankings compared to your competitors. Horton Group will equip your website with useful tools such as online registration forms and eCommerce platforms for ticket sales. We also offer a variety of multimedia services; we can catch your dancers in action and enable you to share their gifts with the world. Whatever vision you have for your online identity and capabilities, we are here to turn that into reality!

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