Don’t Let Mean Stack
Confuse You

We Use The Best Tools

What is a full stack developer? Why is full stack development such a buzz word? What can be done with full stack tools? In this slideshare, Horton Group attempts to answer all of your custom development questions in one fell swoop.

MEAN Stack Tools

You may have heard about MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Find out what those things are, and what they mean for your business.


Does your application require a database? Keystone.js is built on MEAN Stack tools and is a fantastic open source framework.

Amazon Web Services

Why are the largest enterprises in the world using AWS?

Full Stack Tools Slideshare

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7 Must-Have Apps For 2016

Here’s a list of apps that need to be in your life this year including Trello, GetAround, and MyFitnessPal. Read here.

Agile Project Managment

Learn why our developers use agile and how it improves application development here.