App Planning

Dream Up A Killer Application

Ready to start your next custom application project? Our Custom App Development Worksheet will be your guide. Use this worksheet to generate ideas and plan your project. You can even bring the completed worksheet to your first agency discovery meeting.

Start envisioning your new app from development to marketing to funding.

Work through all your ideas, from development to funding, and get prepared to start your project.

Take the opportunity to write down all your creative ideas.

Several lines of space below each question give you all the writing space you need.

Get inspiration from successful app development case studies.

Bonus case studies provide additional inspiration for your next project.

Apps You Need This Year

For a list of great applications you need this year, click here. We’ve included the likes of TrelloGetAround, and Week Menu to give you a wide range of apps that’ll improve your productivity. With so many applications available to us, we wanted to make sure and highlight the ones we use daily!

Breaking Down Agile

Here at Horton Group, we use agile project management in order to make work iterative and achievable. Application development projects can seem overwhelming, but by taking part in “sprints” and breaking out the work into small tasks, game changing applications can be developed on schedule. Learn more by clicking here.