Technology continues to progress. This provides new capabilities for users and new challenges for websites.

The images and text contained within the layout of a website can occasionally be cut off when viewed on various devices. There is also the risk of navigation bars becoming obstructed or any other challenges to visitors making it more difficult to peruse the website.

Responsive web design takes these considerations into account when constructing the website.

It’s a specific way of programming the website to adjust the layout and adapt to a wide variety of screen sizes.

Images and text can be shrunken and realigned and the navigation is contained within the screen.

Gone are the days of two versions of a website — desktop and mobile. Responsive web design does the work for the visitor to adapt the web pages to display perfectly no matter what size screen they are using.

This has become an essential aspect of web design.

Here’s how your Murfreesboro business stands to benefit from responsive web design:

  1. Mobile Use Continues to Grow
  2. Better User Experience
  3. Improves SEO
  4. Lower Bounce Rate
  5. Prepared for Future Innovations
  6. Expand Your Reach
  7. Save on Maintenance Costs

Mobile Use Continues to Grow

There are about 246 million people in the United States that view the internet on a mobile device.

You want to be sure that your Murfreesboro customers are presented with the best experience possible when they visit your website.

The previous mentality of designing two websites — desktop and mobile — is simply unsustainable. Changes are constantly being made to these mobile devices so it is crucial for your website to be able to adjust itself.

You don’t want to risk losing sales simply because visitors were unable to find your search function on mobile devices.

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Better User Experience

The main goal of responsive web design is to improve the experience of the people that visit your website.

Internet users have a lot of options. They are looking for reasons to leave your website and look elsewhere.

Any annoyance or difficulty will be met with immediately leaving the website.

But a quality user experience holds the visitor’s attention. You are much more likely to turn a visitor into a customer if they are able to quickly and easily find the information they need.

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Improves SEO

Google rewards websites that incorporate responsive web design.

This goes back to the idea of an improved user experience. Search engines want to provide their users with the highest-quality options when displaying search results. They know that if they provide subpar options for users, they’ll start using a different search engine.

Responsive websites are rewarded with more favorable rankings on search engine results pages. And this can make all the difference when attracting new customers.

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Lower Bounce Rate

Imagine visiting a website on your phone that isn’t set up for a mobile device. It generally involves a lot of scrolling, possibly some zooming. But either way, it looks bad as soon as you pull it up.

Users frequently punish this by immediately clicking off the website to look elsewhere.

Your website’s bounce rate is the tendency of visitors to leave your website without moving past the initial page.

Responsive web design gives the visitors a reason to stay, which results in a better bounce rate.

And the longer they’re on your website, the more likely they are to become customers.

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Prepared for Future Innovations

As we said earlier, technology is always changing. An unresponsive website isn’t going to be able to keep up with the innovations.

This will mean your website is either going to be incompatible with new technology, or you’ll have to do a complete redesign as technology progresses.

Responsive web design is made for this inevitability.

Altering the images and layout depending on the type of device used will continue to be an asset as new technology emerges.

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Expand Your Reach

Higher search result rankings and the ability to easily view your website on a wide range of devices will open your website up to new visitors.

Many people find information and products through the use of social media.

And social media is often viewed on mobile devices.

Position yourself to convert these new visitors by making use of responsive web design. Ignoring this consideration will leave room for your competition to pick up any slack you leave behind.

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Save on Maintenance Costs

Responsive web design is going to have a larger upfront cost, but it will save you money over time.

Managing two versions of your website will create twice as much maintenance work and fees.

You also stand to incur more fees as technology progresses and your current website becomes out of date.

Do your Murfreesboro business a favor and make use of a professional responsive web design company. Horton Group serves the Murfreesboro community with responsive design, ecommerce websites, content creation services, and more.

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