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Social media is one of the most exciting tools at your brands disposal, and it isn’t only great for your brand. Your followers love it, too. They feel the warm thrill of human connection when they tweet at you or comment on your blog and are rewarded with a pertinent, direct response. Social media marketing is the 21st century bridge between you and your clientele.

But don’t forget, every bridge has its trolls.

The needlessly rude comment, the offensive gobbledy-gook, the fiery wrath of a dissatisfied customer. It can catch you off-balance. But theres a lot to be said for keeping a level head and responding in a way that’s calm and proactive.

Turning Negative Comments into an Opportunity

The angry follower presents an opportunity. It may not feel like it when you’re reading through an increasingly scathing comment about your brand, but this is the best case scenario, because your brand can profit from it.

Since negativity tends to get more attention than positivity, your response is an opportunity for you to strut your stuff. You are at once able to reach out directly to someone who is frustrated, likely because they are facing a very solvable problem, while also showing off your human concern.

Reply in a way which establishes a connection, acknowledges the issue, and seeks to make it better. Put your best face forward! It is about to be seen. Here are some social media marketing tips:

  • Rarely delete a comment. Deleting a comment runs the risk of making your brand appear petty. Its much better to engage the customer in a positive way so that users will see your side of the story.
  • Choose your apologies. Dont be too quick to say were sorry, but rather phrase your response as were sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction. Don’t forget, social media is the new PR, so the classic rules still apply.
  • Take the conversation offline. Respond with an email address or phone number to take the conversation offline. Youll be able to create a direct line of contact with the user and then work to rectify the situation. Responding in the right way can turn a negative comment into a valuable public interaction.

What to Do When a Negative Comment Goes too Far

And then there are the rare instances when a comment crosses the line.

When the negativity is senseless, respond with the quiet click of the Report button. Social media doesn’t work when random animosity hurts the connection between you and your followers. Your social media platform knows this.

Report the negative comment, so they can moderate the user, then delete it. Its like weeding a garden. It isn’t glamorous, but its important.

Developing a Human Connection

The most important thing to remember is that on the other side of the screen is a human being. Don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that social media is a two-way street.

People talk about being talked to. Being real with your followers will spread the word about your brand and award you the full payoff of your social media identity. Don’t be afraid to engage a user when they leave a negative comment, but rather consider it an opportunity to create some positive buzz.

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